The HAHTsite Scenario Server reports the following:

The application had a runtime error while processing this page. Report this problem to the site webmaster.

Diagnostic information:

Error The application page HS_D2_Schedule for StateId FWgppPVSntZDFSOK9o32RtCq1t_to-UNMW could not be run: The HAHTsite Executable .htx file was not found in the expected directory.
Background Host
Installation Name HS40
Server Group HS40
Server Process hsserver.002
URL /HAHTsite40/hsrun.exe/HS40/TEM/TEM.htxstart=HS_D2_Schedule
StateId FWgpePVSncRDFSOX9o32EtC_1t_tq-UTHm
Date/time 17 Jan 2017 02:50:04.631